December 12, 2010
He walks! Eli is now fully mobile. Yesterday he decided he could walk, and now just walks wherever he wants.

Eli had his 1 year check up and all is well. He did have a brief Standard 1 Year Birthday Party to keep up with tradition.

He crawls all over the place with no problems, but does not yet walk on his own. He currently has 2 bottom front teeth.


Eli weighed in at 17lb 12oz, and was 27.5 inches tall at his last doctor's visit. He is healthy and doing well.

He does seem to be taking the short bus to baby school, however, as he does not crawl yet, does not walk yes, and has no teeth yet.

As long as someone holds his hands, however, he can charge up and kick the dog in the face.

Eli is sitting on his own. He is eating baby food very well. He is still not crawling yet, though. We may need to get out the cattle prod to get him moving.

Eli is eating baby food like a champ these days.


Eli had his 6 month doctor visit yesterday, and all went well. He has started eating mushy baby cereals.

He had a great first Christmas with the families, and cleaned up like a madman. Lots of people gave him really cool presents, all of which he was totally aware of and appreciative for.

He is just starting to roll over from his front to his back, but is not crawling at all. He can, however, sit up on his own pretty well.


Eli went to the doctor a couple of days ago and was found to be perfectly healthy. To remedy this, they gave him 4 more shots.

The doctor did agree that his enormous belly button is not quite as enormous as it was previously, and that we should at least hold off on the whole surgery thing until he is at least 1 year old. Even then, the doctor did not think Eli would need surgery. Yay!

More improtant than Eli's health: Halloween was fun again this year. Eli looked awesome in his grenade costume. A good time was had by all in attendance.

10/5/09 -

Eli and the whole family are doing quite well. Eli is fat and he is happy most of the time.

He is scheduled to have a consult for possible surgery on his enormous belly button on the 6th of November.

He is also enrolled in day care and will start going a couple of times a week starting in the middle of October.

9/18/09 -
Eli went back in to the doctor to have his belly button looked at. Apparently the herniated <insert rest of technical name here> was the biggest Dr. Rowland has seen in years. Linked pic: Bowling Ball For reference, the rattle in that picture is about the size of a 10lb bowling ball. Dr; Rowland thinks surgery may be a good way to go. We are trying to figure out how to handle it.
8/31/09 -

Eli had his second Dr's appointment today, and his first surgery! He was "tongue tied," bad enough that the doctor had to cut the little under thingy under his tongue so he could eat better and wouldn't sound like Chunk from Goonies when he started talking.

Dr. Rowland showed us a little percentile chart of how Eli is doing. Rowland said he went from below the 0th percentile (I'm not sure that word means what you think it means) to between the 10th and 20th percentile. Naturally I stepped up to beat down the old codger for saying my son was in such a low percentile. Luckily, there were doctors around to patch me up after the fight.

Eli also got shot 4 times in the legs at the appointment, and cried mightily.

We have noticed that today, Eli has started repeatably tracking things too.

All in all, probably his most interesting day to date.

8/13/09 -
Eli is still doing well. He is impressively noisy. A videos page has been added, as has a shameless promotions page.
7/28/09 -
Eli has been home for 2 whole days! It is much better. He is eating, etc, very well (quite a bit of "etc." in some cases).
7/24/09 -
Eli is still in the NICU, but his feeding tube was removed today. He has been eating on his own, and is likely to come home in 3 to 4 days. Eat, baby, eat!
7/18/09 -

Eli is still in the NICU, and still is not eating entirely on his own. He has been eating more, and getting less IV fluid though.

Crystal goes home today, but Eli stays until he starts eating on his own.

7/16/09 -

Epidural administered at about 4:00 a.m.

Baby boy delivered at 10:24 a.m.!!!!!!! Woohooo! It's a boy! Crystal made it through! 5lb, 3oz. 18in long. (apgar 8 & 9).

Eli was sent down to the NICU for observation, where he will likely stay for 2 days, at least. He looks, from my modest eye, super awesome.

7/15/09 -

Water broke at about 2:00 p.m. Went into the hospital to confirm and get checked out.

She has a 100.4 fever, and possible infection in the amniotic fluid is suspected.

It is confirmed that the membrane is ruptured, so she is to be put on antibiotics, and labor to be encouraged along for a delivery within the next 24 hours or so.

5/15/09 -
Ultrasound showed cervix length is now at about 30mm for a conservative measurement. Crystal is now allowed to gradually increase her activity level, and is permitted to be up and around about half of the day.  
4/24/09 -
Routine doctor's visit; no new developments.  
4/20/09 -
Improvement. New ultrasound reveals a cervix length of 24mm after 4 days of bed rest. Doctors prescribe "modified bedrest" through the rest of the pregnancy, and weekly doctor visits.  
4/17/09 -
A hitch! Ultrasound revealed a "short cervix." Immediate hospitalization and bed rest. Cervix measured an average of 12mm.  
4/03/09 -
All progressing well